The artwork of Li Lian Kolster

Birds, Dreams, Visions

The artwork of Li Lian Kolster

Li Lian Kolster is a predominantly self taught artist based in England. Coming from an academic background in science, she combined her eye for detail with her passion for drawing to produce meticulous bird illustrations inspired from her travels during her 20’s.

At a period necessitating deep healing, plant medicine came into her life in 2011 which dramatically changed her life trajectory. She later decided to commit herself fully to the study of plants and lived in the Peruvian rainforest working with visionary and medicinal plants under a traditional Shipibo shamanic apprenticeship. It was during this apprenticeship that she also decided to focus on her creativity and learn to paint.

After an initial guidance under artist Luis Tamani, she continued learnt to paint whilst living in conditions of strict isolation for 8 months. Immersed in the jungle, with heightened senses and a connection to the realm of the plant spirits, her creative channels were opened and colour was born in her work.

Li Lian’s work depict the realms of spirit and dreams which she traverses and her own powerful and transformative personal healing journey. She travels extensively and exhibits and live paints in Europe and North America, and in 2017 taught for a trimester at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. She continues to spend extended periods of time in Peru to both paint and continue her studies with traditional plant medicine.